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Putzmeister Trailer Pump

The S-valve for placing difficult concrete and high wear resistance

Superior in operation
  • Putzmeister concrete pumps with the S-valve are continually setting new world records in vertical and horizontal delivery. Wherever extremely stiff and highly abrasive mixes are encountered, this S-valve system is used,
  • The low-lying agitator that is driven on both sides keeps the mix homogeneous and guides the concrete directly in front of the cylinder openings without sucking in air. This results in a high filling rate, a continuous flow of concrete and a high delivery performance.
  • The automatic ring optimally seals the system.This prevents the bleeding out of concrete fines and effectively reduces the danger of blockages.
Minimalmass forces, quiet operation and quick switch over makes S-valve the ideal transfer tube for trailer and truck-mounted concrete pumps.
  • The optimised hopper shape reduces concrete settlement and residual concrete. The hopper is easy to clean: residual concrete is simply emptied via a cleaning valve. The line is cleaned by conveying a sponge ball in a reverse pumping mode.
  • Truck-mixers have optimum access due to the minimum projection of the reduction elbow. Feeding the pump using severaltruck mixers overlapping does not pose any problems.
Superior with regard to maintenance and service
  • The automatic ring compensates for wear.
  • All parts of the S-valve are easy to change: the hopper remains mounted when the few wear parts require replacement
  • Hydraulic and switch-over cylinders are outside the concreting area and remain clean. The delivery pistons are centrally lubricated for a safer and longer service life.
Thick-walled S-valve
Thick-walled S-valve for difficult concrete and high delivery pressure
Superior with regard to quality
  • The S-valve that is manufactured out of thick-walled special cast steel is designed for difficult, abrasive concrete. The automatic ring results in an even wearing of parts andtherefore prolongs service life.
  • The hard-chrome layer or hardened delivery cylinders assures a long service life of the pistons and the cylinders.
  • Wear-intensive areas are especially protected by the chroming, face welding or hardened inserts.
High-quality wear components
High-quality wear components ensure machines have a long service life
Performance and pressure adapted to every situation
Surface ratio between the delivery piston and the hydraulic piston determines the hydraulic performance. Output and concrete pressures depend on this ratio. S-valve hydraulic piston
With rod side pressurization of the hydraulic system, the transmission is greater compared to the piston side pressurization. This translates into a high delivery performance at lower concrete pressures.
With piston side pressurization, higher concrete pressures are attained with lower delivery performance.
Stationary Pumps

Rotary Distribution System

Rotary Distribution System
Rotary distributors are suitable for all those situations where distributing concrete directly from truck-mounted concrete pumps and stationary booms runs up against technical or economic limitations RV 10 rotary distributor
  • For large areas and decks which cannot be reached or fully covered by a truck-mounted concrete pump.
  • For decks and pillars where the use of placing booms is too costly and time consuming.
The RV 10 rotary distributor, for example, is ideal for large areas and decks. Large areas of up to 320 m2 can be covered from one fixed location.
The site crane can be used to reposition the RVs so that areas of practically any size can be accessed for concreting. It is only necessary to lengthen or shorten the delivery line or delivery hose which supplies the rotary distributor.
With the RV 12-lift, surfaces, walls and pillars to be concreted can be reached which are up to 4m higher than before. To adjust the height, the final arm can be reaised with a hydraulic or manual pump.

Delivery lines and accessories

The economical conveying of concrete does not only make great demands on the concrete pump but also on delivery lines and accessories.
Delivery Lines
Standard components for delivery lines are available as a rule from the store
E & G Concrete Pumps offers the right delivery line systems in an optimum quality for every job.
Shut-off valve Pipeline Accessories
Shut-off valve Pipeline accessories (L to R) : catching basket, cleaning lid, reducer
Cleaning Connection Cleaning Accessories
Cleaning connection for cleaning the delivery line with air or water Cleaning accessories from left to right: sponge cleaning plugs, sponge cubes, sponge balls, cleaning plugs
Putzmeister Thom Katts (TK 40)
Putzmeister Thom Katts TK40
Putzmeister’s big boom expertise comes down to size with the TK 40 Trailer-Mounted Concrete/Shotcrete Pump. This rugged workhorse can handle aggregate up to 1-1/2″ minus. The product is ideal for a wide variety of concrete placing jobs and also works will with shotcrete and pumping structural concrete.


Putzmeister – Static BSA 1407 D
Putzmeister Static BSA 1407 D - Image 1
The concrete pump for medium sized job-sites. Reliable VHS control, easy use, simple maintenance. For pressure up to 106 bar, output up to 71m³/h.

  • High-quality wear resistant components for service-life
  • Reduced noise emission with closed doors. Emission values certified for USA and European standards.
  • CE-conform
  • Ample space between hopper and frame – service friendly
  • Central, well-arranged control panel
  • Good accessibility for changing pistons


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